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IVF Lab Consultants provides services for clinical and laboratory procedures involved in In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).  Our primary emphasis is directed at providing skilled oocyte and embryo cryopreservation by a method called vitrification. 

Marlane AngleMarlane Angle, PhD, HCLD (ABB) has been a consultant and technical expert for Irvine Scientific, a manufacturing company who has produced the first FDA-cleared products for human vitrification.  During the past three years she has taught vitrification courses in the US, Canada, Mexico, Scotland, Ireland, England, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, the Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Israel, and Turkey.  She has also used vitrification in her own laboratory to cryopreserve human blastocysts, immature, unfertilized, human oocytes, hamster oocytes, and mouse embryos at a variety of stages.  She has spoken on vitrification at the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and been invited to participate in oocyte freezing studies in South America.

Her years of experience in this field will provide an IVF program with the opportunity to introduce vitrification without having to wait for in-house technicians to perfect their skills.  In a recent paper from Italy (Antinori, et al., 2006  RBM Online: Vol 14 No 1. 2007 72-79 November 2006), the authors reported that it took 5 months of training for the technical staff to achieve competancy with vitrification.  The authors state: “Thus, it is clear that operator skill is crucial to guarantee the efficiency of this protocol.”  Dr. Angle has significantly more than 5 months of skill and can provide those services for IVF programs immediately. 

Vitrification can provide the opportunity for an IVF program to introduce egg and embryo freezing for patients with cancer, for young women who wish to preserve their fertility, and for patients who are uncomfortable with embryo freezing.  However, we do encourage each program who wishes to begin vitrifying oocytes to have an IRB-approved protocol.  We can help you write and submit this IRB.

IVF Lab Consultants can also provide help with cryoinventory and documentation, off-site laboratory director services, and IRB and manuscript writing and editing services.

Please contact us if you any other laboratory management needs.



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